UMA hardware resources

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The computational servers

The cluster

In order to meet the needs of high performance computing and scalable algorithms, in 1999 the UMA adopted a cluster consisting of several interconnected PCs via a bi-processor standard network layer. This cluster consisting of 32 heterogeneous machines is renewed every four year thereby maintaining a degree of investment. Today, the UMA has 64 processors with 512 cores interconnected by a Gigabit network layer.

Our cluster is composed by:
Figure 1: Organization of the cluster

This type of configuration can offer a significant computational power in a context of parallel code execution and scaling. The cluster now utilizes a Linux operating system which is relatively simple platform to implement thereby reducing the cost of administration.

The graphic unit (GPU)

UMA also has an hybrid CPU/GPU server:


All UMA hardware resources are fully administered and managed by Christophe Mathulik.