Title : On the use of perfectly matched layers in the presence of long or backward guided elastic waves
Year : 2014
Type : paper in peer-reviewed journal
Authors : A.-S. Bonnet-BenDhia, C. Chambeyron, G. Legendre
Abstract : An efficient method to compute the scattering of a guided wave by a localized defect, in an elastic waveguide of infinite extent and bounded cross section, is considered. It relies on the use of perfectly matched layers (PML) to reduce the problem to a bounded portion of the guide, allowing for a classical finite element discretization. The difficulty here comes from the existence of backward propagative modes, which are not correctly handled by the PML. We propose a simple strategy, based on finite-dimensional linear algebra arguments and using the knowledge of the modes, to recover a correct approximation to the solution with a low additional cost compared to the standard PML approach. Numerical experiments are presented in the two-dimensional case involving Rayleigh--Lamb modes.
Themes : Artificial boundaries
Wave guides
Harmonic waves
Reference : Wave Motion - vol. 51(2) (pp 266-283 )