Titre : Perfectly matched layers for convex truncated domains with discontinuous Galerkin time domain simulations
Année : 2017
Type : article (revue avec comité de lecture)
Auteurs : A. Modave, J. Lambrechts, C. Geuzaine
Résumé : This paper deals with the design of perfectly matched layers (PMLs) for transient acoustic wave propagation in generally-shaped convex truncated domains. After reviewing key elements to derive PML equations for such domains, we present two time-dependent formulations for the pressure-velocity system. These formulations are obtained by using a complex coordinate stretching of the time-harmonic version of the equations in a specific curvilinear coordinate system. The final PML equations are written in a general tensor form, which can easily be projected in Cartesian coordinates to facilitate implementation with classical discretization methods. Discontinuous Galerkin finite element schemes are proposed for both formulations. They are tested and compared using a three-dimensional benchmark with an ellipsoidal truncated domain. Our approach can be generalized to domains with corners.
Thèmes : Frontières artificielles
Ondes transitoires
Référence : Computers and Mathematics with Applications - Elsevier - vol. 73 (4) (pp 684-700 )