Titre : Trapped modes in thin and infinite ladder like domains. Part1: Existence results
Année : 2017
Type : article (revue avec comité de lecture)
Auteurs : B. Delourme, S. Fliss, P. Joly, E. Vasilevskaya
Résumé : The present paper deals with the wave propagation in a particular two dimensional structure, obtained from a localized perturbation of a reference periodic medium. This reference medium is a ladder like domain, namely a thin periodic structure (the thickness being characterized by a small parameter ε>0) whose limit (as ε tends to 0) is a periodic graph. The localized perturbation consists in changing the geometry of the reference medium by modifying the thickness of one rung of the ladder. Considering the scalar Helmholtz equation with Neumann boundary conditions in this domain, we wonder whether such a geometrical perturbation is able to produce localized eigenmodes. To address this question, we use a standard approach of asymptotic analysis that consists of three main steps. We first find the formal limit of the eigenvalue problem as the ε tends to 0. In the present case, it corresponds to an eigenvalue problem for a second order differential operator defined along the periodic graph. Then, we proceed to an explicit calculation of the spectrum of the limit operator. Finally, we prove that the spectrum of the initial operator is close to the spectrum of the limit operator. In particular, we prove the existence of localized modes provided that the geometrical perturbation consists in diminishing the width of one rung of the periodic thin structure. Moreover, in that case, it is possible to create as many eigenvalues as one wants, provided that ε is small enough. Numerical experiments illustrate the theoretical results.
Thèmes :
Référence : Asymptotic Analysis - vol. 103(3) (pp 103-134 )