Title : Construction and analysis of an adapted spectral finite element method to convective acoustic equations
Year : 2016
Type : paper in peer-reviewed journal
Authors : A. Hüppe, G. Cohen, S. Imperiale, M. Kaltenbacher
Abstract : The paper addresses the construction of a non spurious mixed spectral finite element (FE) method to problems in the field of computational aeroacoustics. Based on a computational scheme for the conservation equations of linear acoustics, the extension towards convected wave propagation is investigated. In aeroacoustic applications, the mean flow effects can have a significant impact on the generated sound field even for smaller Mach numbers. For those convec-tive terms, the initial spectral FE discretization leads to non-physical, spurious solutions. Therefore, a regularization procedure is proposed and qualitatively investigated by means of discrete eigenvalues analysis of the discrete operator in space. A study of convergence and an application of the proposed scheme to simulate the flow induced sound generation in the process of human phonation underlines stability and validity.
Themes : Coupled phenomena
Reference : Communications in Computational Physics - Global Science Press