Titre : Discrete transparent boundary conditions for the linearized Green-Naghdi system of equations
Année : Soumis
Type : article (revue avec comité de lecture)
Auteurs : M. Kazakova, P. Noble
Résumé : In this paper, we introduce artificial boundary conditions for the linearized Green-Naghdi system of equations. The derivation of such continuous (respectively discrete) boundary conditions include the inversion of Laplace transform (respectively Z-transform) and these boundary conditions are in turn non local in time. In the case of continuous boundary conditions, the inversion is done explicitly. We consider two spatial discretisations of the initial system either on a staggered grid or on a collocated grids, both of interest from the practical point of view. We use a Crank Nicolson time discretization. The proposed numerical scheme with the staggered grid permits explicit Z-transform inversion whereas the collocated grid discretization do not. A stable numerical procedure is proposed for this latter inversion. We test numerically the accuracy of the described method with standard Gaussian initial data and wave packet initial data which are more convenient to explore the dispersive properties of the initial set of equations. We used our transparent boundary conditions to solve numerically the problem of injecting propagating (planar) waves in a computational domain.
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