Title : Shape and anisotropy optimization by an isogeometric-polar method
Year : 2017
Type : PhD
Authors : F. Kpadonou
Abstract : This thesis tackles the problem of the shape and anisotropy optimization of shell structures. The first part of this work focuses on the analysis of the shell model. The mechanical behavior of the structure is described using the Naghdi’s shell model which allows to take into account the transverse shear deformation. This model is typically used for shallow shells. We use a standard Lagrange C0 finite elements discretization and we numerically simulate the shell assemblings by means of the mortar technique. This approach enables the application of local refinements and the use of nonconforming mesh discretizations. The second part of this thesis aims at defining an effective parameterization for the optimal design of the shell’s distributed elastic properties. The method adopted is based on the joint use of a polar formalism to represent the elastic tensor and an isogeometric technique for the parameterization of the elastic tensor fields by CAD-based functions such as B-splines. The number of design variables thus only depends on the control points coordinates making the approach numerically manageable. The last part is devoted to the joint optimization of both the material properties and shape of the shell using the structure compliance as objective function.
Themes : Fast BEM
Reference : École doctorale de mathématiques Hadamard (Orsay, Essonne ; 2015-....)