Titre : Time-harmonic acoustic propagation in the presence of a shear flow
Année : 2007
Type : article (revue avec comité de lecture)
Auteurs : A.-S. Bonnet-BenDhia, E.-M. Duclairoir, G. Legendre, J.-F. Mercier
Résumé : #HTML This work deals with the numerical simulation, by means of a finite element method, of the time-harmonic propagation of acoustic waves in a moving fluid, using the Galbrun equation instead of the classical linearized Euler equations. This work extends a previous study in the case of a uniform flow to the case of a shear flow. The additional difficulty comes from the interaction between the propagation of acoustic waves and the convection of vortices by the fluid. We have developed a numerical method based on the regularization of the equation which takes these two phenomena into account. Since it leads to a partially full matrix, we use an iterative algorithm to solve the linear system.
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Référence : J. Comput. Appl. Math - vol. 204(2) (pp 428-439 ) images/icons/doctype_pdf.gif