Fast solution of Boundary Elements Method


Black hole wave at a conical tip

In the team, we propose, analyse and implement fast and accurate solvers for wave propagation problems based on the discretization of boundary integral equations (with Galerkin, collocation or Nystrom approaches).

Our originality is to consider all the possible levels of improvement of the BEMs: parallelization, data-sparse approximations, algebraic preconditioning, definition of optimal quadratures, mesh adaptation procedures or coupling with other methods when needed.

These developments are performed either in the frequency or in the time domain.

Propagation in a hyperbolic material

Our goal is to propose fast methods to model real life and industrial applications. Various codes are developed in the team (XLiFE++, COFFEE, Htool-ddm, HMatrices.jl) with different goals: from general codes for academic use to application specific codes for industrial collaborations (with Naval Group). All these developments are made in collaborations with colleagues at Sorbonne Paris North University, Sorbonne University, Rennes University and the University of Twente.