M2 Analysis, Modelling and Simulation - Finality Modelling, Simulation

Institution :
University of Paris-Saclay, Institut Polytechnique de Paris
More details :
AMS website, Finality Modelling, Simulation website

Partial différentiel equations (PDE) and Analysis have benefited spectacular progress over the last décades, and in the same time the development of numerical mettons and the improprement of computer performances have raised numerical simulation an essential tool in both industry and academic research.

The purpose of Master AMS is to provide students with a wide range of skills, from the most theoretical approaches to concrete developments but also reported physical phenomena.

Finally, the efficient implémentation of dedicated approximation algorithme can not be fulfilled without strong computer skills.

Finality MS provides students with strong knowledge in Applied Mathematics ans Numerical Simulation, for the purpose of professional insertion in academic/industrial research or R&D.