What is COFFEE?

COFFEE is a 3D fast Boundary Element solver for linear acoustic and (visco)-elastodynamics developed at POEMS (CNRS/ENSTA/INRIA). Its main capabilities include:

  • An acceleration of the boundary element method by the multi-level fast multipole method or hierarchical matrices, depending on the nature of the problem
  • Full-space or half-space fundamental solution (Helmholtz or elastodynamics) based formulations
  • Boundary element-boundary element coupling strategy to consider multi-region problems (e.g., strata inside a valley for elastodynamics problems)
  • Various analytic or algebraic preconditioners
  • A mesh adaptation strategy to improve the convergence with respect to the number of degrees of freedom
  • Solutions in the time-domain by applying a Fast Fourier Transform or a Convolution Quadrature Method

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Obtaining COFFEE

COFFEE is the property of CNRS and INRIA. It is free for evaluation purposes and non-commercial uses. It cannot be included in any third package without prior agreement. Please send an email to Stéphanie Chaillat-Loseille for more details


Some acoustic and elastic wave propagation simulations powered by COFFEE.

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