XLiFE++ website is now hosted here with up-to-date content. The current website, with potentially deprecated content, will be removed soon.


You can have further information if you go to XLiFE++ on Gitlab Inria.

When you can download binaries, consider dependencies to external libraries activated (Arpack, UmfPack, Eigen, Amos, OpenMP), except for compilers that do not support OpenMP such as clang++. For those compilers, only Arpack, UmfPack and Amos are activated.

Last release

XLiFE++ last release is 2.3 (22 April 2022) :


You can download here XLiFE++ Qt-based GUI to user scripts:

Older releases

23 January 2021 : release 2.2
sources, api, binaries: Linux64, Deb64, RPM64, MacOS64-clang++, MacOS64, Win64
10 May 2019 : release 2.1
sources, api, binaries: Linux64, Deb64, RPM64, MacOS64, Win64

External libraries

You can download here Arpack, SuiteSparse, and Lapack for Windows: