XLiFE++ website is now hosted here with up-to-date content. The current website, with potentially deprecated content, will be removed soon.


User support

Asking questions

If you need help with using XLiFE++, you have the user documentation and the source documentation at your disposal. If no answer is found, please send a message to the . If you would like to discuss XLiFE++ development or propose a new feature, please send a message to the .

Reporting bugs

If you find what you think is a bug, please create an issue on the Gitlab INRIA repository or send a message to the

Developer support

Getting the source code

XLiFE++ uses Gitlab Inria as its main development platform, under a Git repository.

The repository is readable for anyone and writable for registered users when right access is given.

Accessing the development repository

To access the development repository, you need the revision control system Git.

  1. You have to create a user account on Gitlab Inria
  2. You have to contact administrators of XLiFE++ project on InriaGForge to ask for registration
  3. You connect on Gitlab Inria to edit your profile and add ssh keys
  4. You go to the "Repository" menu and click on the "Clone" button.

Getting updates notifications

To be warned when updates are done, it is useful to ask registration to the XLiFE++ users mailing list.