BSDEs under partial information and financial applications.

Claudia Ceci, Alessandra Cretarola and Francesco Russo
march, 2014
Publication type:
Paper in peer-reviewed journals
Stochastic processes and applications., vol. 124 (8), pp. 2628–2653
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Keywords :
Backward stochastic differential equations; partial information; Föllmer-Schweizer decomposition; risk-minimization.
In this paper we provide existence and uniqueness results for the solution of BSDEs driven by a general square integrable martingale under partial information. We discuss some special cases where the solution to a BSDE under restricted information can be derived by that related to a problem of a BSDE under full information. In particular, we provide a suitable version of the Föllmer-Schweizer decomposition of a square integrable random variable working under partial information and we use this achievement to investigate the local risk-minimization approach for a semimartingale financial market model.
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