Asymptotics and numerical analysis for wave diffraction by thin wires

november, 2008
Publication type:
Conference without proceedings
Seminaire du GMM a l'INSA de Toulouse
In this talk, we are interested in the study of the Holland method for taking into account perfectly conducting thin wires in the simulation of electromagnetic waves. This method provides a coupling scheme between a standard volumic method (FDTD,FEM,DG...etc) for electromagnetics and 1D wave equations on the wires. Holland's method involves a numerical parameter whose value is a priori unknown. In practice, one proceeds to a calibration based on empirical considerations for determining a suitable value of this parameter, because (to our knowledge) there does not exist any systematic manner for computing such a value.

We propose a mathematical study of Holland's method for 2D and 3D toy problems. Our approach is based on a combination between fictitious domain methods and asymptotic analysis. Besides error estimates, we give a theoretical expression for the calibration of Holland's parameter for our toy problems, and present numerical results.
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