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Ingénieur de Recherche
Ph.D. 2009

Research activities

C.N.R.S. Engineer (2010- )

Engineer for A.N.R. Micas (2009-2010)

Implementation of adaptative Aitken-Schwarz method to Darcy 3D equation with strong variations of permeability (random behaviour following a lognormal law). This work is part of ANR Calcul Intensif et Simulation 2007 Micas (Modelling and Intensive Computation for Aquifer Simulations). Partners :

PhD (2004-2009)

  • Subject : Multi-Scale gravitational Dynamics : formation and evolution of a self-gravitating system in an external field
  • Supervisors : Jérôme Perez and Marc Lenoir
  • Descriptif : Development of an intensive computation algorithm adapted to gravitation and to the multiscale characteristic of the considered systems (MPI-FORTRAN77). The aim is to study the evolution of systems such as a globular cluster in its host galaxy. The algorithm is based on a treecode.

Seminars, Conferences

  • Summer School M.O.D.E.S.T. 5c, institut Anton Pannoeke, University of Amsterdam.

For more information about my training and my skills, please consult my web page here.

Teaching activities

Assistant teacher (2007-2009)

Assistant teacher at Université Claude Bernard Lyon I - C.D.C.S.P./I.S.T.I.L./I.C.J.

half-time in 07-08, full-time in 08-09

  • Génie Logiciel I CM (08-09), TD/TP (07-08)
    • Object-oriented programming in C++
    • Application to scientific computation : implementation of classes of sparse matrices (aij, csr, full) : elementary matricial operations and some Krylov solvers
  • Génie Logiciel II CM (08-09), TD/TP (07-08)
    • Software building, U.M.L.
    • Graphical user interfaces in Java/Swing
  • Méthodes Numériques pour le Calcul Haute Performance TP
    • Parallel computation with M.P.I.
    • Application to the implementation of a Schwarz-Jacobi solver for 1D and 2D Poisson problems
  • Méthodes Numériques de Base TD (08-09)
    • Finding zeros
    • Interpolation and numerical integration
    • Differential equations and matricial systems
  • Analyse Vectorielle TD (08-09)
  • Permis de Conduire Informatique TD/TP (08-09)
    • Introduction to networks
    • Office softwares : spreadsheets and databases
  • Outils et Calcul Scientifique CM/TP (08-09), TD/TP (07-08)
    • Fortran 90, BLAS, LAPACK
    • Source code validation and verification
    • Application to scientific computation : implementation and using of structures of sparse matrices (aij, csr, csc, band, full, pack) and elementary operations

Intructorship in Applied Mathematics (2004-2007)

Intructorship in Applied Mathematics at CMAP (Ecole Polytechnique) in MAP431 course Analyse numérique et optimisation : une introduction à la modélisation mathématique et à la simulation numérique

teachers in charge : Grégoire Allaire and Olivier Pantz.

  • Practical Work on Finite Differences with Scilab and Finite elements with Freefem++
  • Correction of written exam
  • Elaboration and management of numerical work.
  • Guidance : revising courses, update course in Scilab.
  • Management of bigger numerical work for a student repeating a year

I also taught in MAP 311 Course Introduction aux probabilités et à la simulation aléatoire :

  • Practical work on Initiation to Scilab
  • Guidance : Revising course (2007)




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